The Irondale Ensemble Project is as close as we come these days to the Elizabethan acting companies that once presented Shakespeare’s plays to the Earl of Leicester, Sir Francis Drake and the Virgin Queen of England. ...What is on offer is the miracle of the word made flesh. I wish you joy in it.” —Lewis Lapham, editor of Lapham’s Quarterly
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Possibility Project

In New York City it is easy to feel invisible. For Sebastian and his sister Lola this is especially true. As they each pursue different paths to leave their mark on the world, they are confronted with violence, loss, betrayal, and the ever deepening question of their own self-worth. Can they find a way to truly be seen or will they end up alone and forgotten?

WThe Possibility Project produces three original musicals in New York City each year. Premiere performances are held at prominent theaters in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The Possibility Project presents

Take it from the Top

November 19-22 | 7:30PM
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