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For thirty-two years Irondale has been creating theatre that speaks to who we are as a people, where we are as a nation, and what the issues are that confront us. We make great theatre to address great ideas. So is there a better time for us to go back to Brecht? If you haven't seen Brecht, or you have and think you know what to expect, this is the year to be part of this theatre.

In 2015 the company will present a new production of Brecht's St. Joan of the Stockyards, directed by one of Germany's most influential directors, Peter Kleinert. Peter will bring the best of Berlin's exciting theatre to Brooklyn with a highly original look at one of the great works of Western drama. And thanks to funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, we will continue our work on the four 1599 Plays: Henry V, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and Hamlet. You will be surprised, entertained, and yes, you will be challenged.

NOW is the beginning of our Annual Campaign and so many of you have already responded, as you always with great generosity. But we need all of you. Last year our audience, our donors, and our friends helped us match a $100,000 Challenge Grant.

This year we're on our own. But we believe that together we will meet our own challenge to raise $100,000 from individual donors. Your gift needn't be big, because every dollar gets us that much closer to this very big goal.

Nothing we've done over the past thirty-two years has been easy. But ask any of the thousands of public school students and teenagers we've worked with what Irondale means to them. Ask Aaliyah, a 2014 Young Company graduate: "When I come to Irondale I feel like, like I'm given a chance to be me and it's not a problem. So this is . . . this is life. Irondale is life."

Your gift makes all of this happen. You have our deepest gratitude,
Terry and Jim for the Irondale Ensemble


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