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Each year, the Irondale Ensemble presents and co-presents new work through multi-year investigations in theatre in which we examine how it works, what it does and the different effects that each new experiment has on our audiences.

We treat each play–whether an original work or a classic piece–as if it were written yesterday. We connect past, present and future and try to understand how they interconnect. Our recent work on Shakespeare (“The 1599 Project”), Brecht (“Brecht in Exile”) and the current "American Century", a multi-year exploration of the great American playwrights of the 20th century, exemplifies this approach.


The Notebook of Trigorin

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Young Company summer show

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Inspire 2024

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Priestess of Twerk: A Black Femme Star Temple + Wisdom School

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Long Play Festival

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The Strength in Us

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tpsu round 11

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Terce: A Practical Breviary is a radical rethinking of a monastic 9:00 AM mass and an adaptation that reimagines the face of the “Holy Spirit” through the lens of the Divine Feminine.

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