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Theatre unfolds around us on a daily basis. In response to the 2015 death of Eric Garner at the hands of NYC police officers, Irondale created a program to help police and community members build trust and mutual understanding.



If creating theatre is the heart of what Irondale does, our soul is working with youth and children. We offer a variety of free programs designed to engage young people not only in the mechanics of making theatre, but also to help them find their authentic voices as they navigate the path from childhood to early adulthood. No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to play.

Irondales's Junior Company students rehearsing

Junior Company

For middle school students (ages 10–14), the Junior Company provides a hands-on experience with acting, improvising and ensemble-building. Junior Company students often progress to the Young Company at age 14.

2023–24 SEASON
Irondale's Young Company students acting

Young Company

Young Company is Irondale’s pre-professional training program for high school students (ages 14–18). The ensemble develops scripted (often original) and improvised work for public performance twice each year and offers internships in all aspects of operating a theatre company.

2023–24 SEASON
Irondale's Tech Treck students interacting

Tech Track

For students who would rather be behind the scenes, Irondale offers a way to learn about the various elements of technical theater and produce the Teen Ensemble’s Summer Show.

Irondale's Stem to Steam student with hands up

Stem to Steam

Irondale’s STEM to STEAM program uses the skills of theatrical improvisation to help science students learn to become better communicators. With Irondale they will be able to turn information into knowledge.


Thanks to generous support from the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, The Pinkerton, and ConEdison, Axe-Houghton Foundation our youth programs are offered at no cost to participants.


Irondale works with a number of schools to deliver in-school residencies, curriculum enhancement programs and theatre partnerships.

Devising History

Inspired by the 2012 Irondale production, Color Between the Lines, and in partnership with the Brooklyn Center for History and the Weeksville Heritage Center, Irondale offers Devising History , a program which uses theatre to reanimate historic source material.

Current residencies are taking place at:

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If you would like to talk about hosting a residency in your school, contact Sam Metzger at


Has your company, institution or research laboratory missed out on opportunities, funding, or relationships because you struggled to communicate effectively? Irondale’s Exact Communication program gives you the skills and techniques you need to connect and make an impact. Our team of professional coaches share the core principle that effective communication happens when we understand who our “audience” is, approach each communication with empathy, and have a clear goal.

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