September 28 & 29 at 7:30 PM

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CONSIDER THS... is a 60-minute romp disguised as a lecture-demonstration that journeys through the pre-history of Western theater, from Greek Tragedy to Commedia dell’Arte, Clown, Buffoon, masks and more – theatrical styles rediscovered and developed by the celebrated Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Theater Grottesco takes over where Lecoq leaves off, showcasing modern styles in the continuous development of the oldest art form on the planet. This performance is a behind-the-scenes look at the philosophy and many of the foundational styles that define Grottesco’s work.

The piece was built with help from ensemble members: Elizabeth Wiseman and Danielle Reddick.


On Sunday, October 1st, John Flax will teach the workshop "The Movement of the Greek Chorus" from 1-3:30 PM

We have scripts from the Greek Tragedies along with woodcuts and paintings on vases of the choruses. But we don’t know how the Choruses moved. Were they able to work without choreography creating a living organism of the common people observing, commenting and advising the heroes?

After several years of experimentation, Theater Grottesco has created a physical and vocal language that supports an ensemble moving instinctively as one without choreography. Any artist can “propose” the next step that the others immediately understand and are able to support in what might best be described as a physical composition, created in real time much like a musical composition. These same principles can be used to create a dynamic chorus in any physical style of theater.

This is a physical theater class. Participants should come in loose fitting clothes, ready to move.

Workshop fee: $40. Reserve your spot here.


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