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Nolan Kennedy

Ensemble Member / Senior Teaching Artist
Nolan Kennedy

Nolan Kennedy is an actor, musician, improviser, teaching artist, producer, Soundpainter, and playwright. He is a co-founder of Letter of Marque Theater Company and Brooklyn Improv Training, as well as a core member of Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble and the Walter Thompson Orchestra. The 2022 production of Mother Courage and Her Children marks Nolan's return to the Irondale Ensemble after nearly a decade. Nolan received his B.F.A. in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University. He also studied at Gaiety School in Dublin, Ireland. His improv training includes I.O., ComedySportz Chicago, and Improv Playhouse. His acting credits: in NYC: Pinocchio: the Story of a Puppet, Little Emo Mermaid, Double Falsehood, A Farce of Nature, Bully Me Down, Color Between the Lines, Julius Caesar, Peter Pan, London Cries, Macbeth Variations II, and Same River; in Chicago, IL: Private Lies, The Closeness of You, and Genius; in Austin, TX: The Bowie Project; in France: Rue Colbert, <<POP UP-Tours>>, <POP UP-Marseille>>, and Heroines; in Edinburgh, UK: Don’t Feed the Cats. His playwriting credits include Prepared Fresh, This Little Piece, Gifts, Bully Me Down, and The Island is Full of Noises. He makes music with the dance-pop duo, Salon Man.

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