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Shadenia Sivad

Ensemble Member / TPSU Facilitator
Shadenia Sivad

Shadenia Sivad is an Actress, playwright, Director, and self-published spoken word artist. She Joined the Irondale family in 2023 as a member of the ensemble and a dedicated teaching facilitator.
Her powerful and thought-provoking pieces have been performed at prestigious venues including The United Nations, and The Apollo. Her poetry has been featured in NYFW, the Detroit Black Film Festival, and the 2019 Nike and LeBron Jame16 x campaign. Her short films have been celebrated at The Detroit Film Festival, The Wallach Art Gallary at Columbia University, and the Rooted Theater Film Festival in Brooklyn.
A protégé of Rev Rhonda McKlain-Nur and Tony award winner George Faison– she has trained and toured with George Faison's Harlem company The Respect Project and studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts In New York City.

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