Theatre in the Moment and of the Moment

Founded in 1983, Irondale is one of the longest standing, consistently producing ensemble theatres in America.

We have survived 7 US presidential administrations, the AIDS crisis, 2 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Iraq and Afghani Wars, hurricanes, mass shootings, a pandemic, 2 recessions and external and internal threats to our democracy. Our work includes 80 theatre productions, hundreds of workshops for thousands of public and private school students, incarcerated men and women, police officers, actors and non-actors, and a 10-year artistic collaboration with a Russian company encompassing 2 tours to Russia and the former Soviet Union and joint performances in New York City.

Irondale attracts artists with something to say

Irondale attracts artists with something to say about the world they live in through the creation of theatre.

We pass on this legacy to countless numbers of people

We pass on this legacy to countless numbers of people––young and old––in schools, prisons, halfway houses, shelters, and, for the last 15 years, here at the theater.

to use the techniques of the theatre to forge a better understanding

We value the opportunity to see life—all of life, including the personal and the political— through the eyes of the artist; to use the techniques of the theatre to forge a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and the times in which we are living.

For 40 years, Irondale has been making theatre that is both in the moment and of the moment—for the people and for our time. We create work that speaks to our world today, draws parallel connections to the past, challenges norms and provokes discussion.

In an effort to make art more accessible to all and to celebrate this milestone achievement with you – our audience members – we are making all Irondale productions FREE this year! So, stay close. We have a fun year planned ahead of us.

40 yeARS OF Making Theatre Together

Thank you for being part of our journey and invite you to support our future.

As Irondale celebrates its 40th Anniversary, we are looking to the future as we remember the accomplishments of the past. Please make a contribution to help us getting number 40 off to a great start.

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